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June Crespo and Piotr Janas – Internal view

20.09.2018 Dom Słowa Polskiego News

Entitled Internal view, it compiles the work of two artists from different generations – the Spanish sculptor June Crespo (born in 1983) and the Polish painter Piotr Janas (born in 1970). The exhibition will be featuring the latest works by both artists. The starting point for Crespo’s series of sculptural works made during a residency in Eindhoven […]


The Nobody Club

24.08.2018 Dom Słowa Polskiego News

As part of the a secular tradition, the Nobody Club, extends a warm invitation to its annual talent review. If you can’t do anything, then this event will be right up your street, but if you can do something, so much the better (or worse). Let’s all laugh at ourselves together, and strengthen our joint bonds of incompetence. Who […]


Zbiok: “No man is an Island”

13.07.2018 Dom Słowa Polskiego News

Zbiok: “No man is an Island” – new exhibition at the Dom Słowa Polskiego. Sławek Czajkowski (otherwise known as Zbiok), the cult street artist, will be showing his latest works in the industrial spaces of the Dom Słowa Polskiego! His exhibition, “No man is an Island” came about as part of an artistic project, the […]


Cultural Poznań!

25.06.2018 News Polonez

This Friday sees the opening of an exhibition by Mateusz Sadowski, “The Shape of the Moment” at the former Polonez Hotel in Poznań; come along, it’ll be well worth it! The exhibition will be showcasing the latest animated film by Mateusz Sadowski, “The shape of the Moment” along with some objects that accompany it. For […]


Midsummer with Maurycy Gomulicki!

23.06.2018 Dom Słowa Polskiego Koszyki Market Hall News

Our favourite magazine “Contemporary Lynx”, in collaboration with the Leto Gallery and the Warsaw “Biała” restaurant, invites you this Saturday to another in the “Carte Blanche” series, a new experimental artistic program that gives artists the opportunity to show their works during special artistic events taking place in the avant-garde modernist Willa Biała. On Saturday it’s […]