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visual arts in "Domu Słowa Polskiego" Printing House and Koszyki Market Hall

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The Trip Round Kato returns for the OFF Festival with a guidebook!


visual arts at the Lubicz Office Centre

Łukasz Rusznica: winner of the 2017 Griffin Art Space – Lubicz Prize


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Subterranean River

22.05.2018 Lubicz News

When travelling to Japan, I knew one thing only—I wanted to take pictures based on Japanese mythology; I wanted to photograph the Yokai—the monsters of legend. Photography came as the result of working in new surroundings; it was the end process of meeting people and building relationships—this is surely why so many of the pictures (and the […]


Triple Bed, Double Scotch, One Pair of Shoes

21.05.2018 News Polonez

The hotel tower– exclusive back in the day, and built with pioneering technologies, few years ago was converted into student housing. In the new Academic Centre there is eve-rything one needs in the 21st century–a grocery with ready meals, gym, barber shop and a bar “Quick and Tasty”. A hotel – a temporary living space is a concept […]


New Media Night

16.05.2018 Koszyki Market Hall News

New Media Night – a large-scale mapping show that will be part of Museum Night 2018 at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology “We’re counting down the days to the start of the eighth Museum Night at the PJAIT,” says Filip Ostojski, event curator. “For one night only, the front wall of the main PJATK building […]