Griffin Art Space is both a patron of the arts and organiser of cultural projects. It invites prominent galleries and cultural events to the unique spaces owned by the Griffin Group, where they are revitalised through their new context. The Griffin Art Space supports bold artistic projects and pursues ambitious creative programmes, making art available to a wide audience.



Griffin Art Space is proud to be the patron of the Contemporary Lynx Magazine. It is the art magazine / collector’s publication devoted to Polish art and published entirely in English. Texts presented in the biannual magazine, artists and events covered, people invited to contribute and the magazine’s design aim to match the extraordinary quality of Polish art.

Contemporary Lynx is a not for profit organization based in London. It was founded by Sylwia Krasoń and Dobromiła Błaszczyk. Their mission is to promote Polish contemporary art abroad through journalistic activities, exhibitions and international cultural exchange with art organisations from around the world.

Krakow Photomonth Festival


From 2014, Griffin Art Space is a supporter of Photomonth in Krakow, a leading European photography festival and one of Poland’s largest regular events devoted to the visual arts. As part of the festival, Griffin Art Space also awards a prize for the best portfolio at an associated event, the Portfolio Review.




Griffin Art Space is proud organiser of Rajza po Kato – a Trip round Kato(wice). Starting from April 2014, the fencing around the new Supersam commercial centre will be periodically updated with the latest pieces from an exhibition on contemporary Katowice. The finale is scheduled for Autumn 2015, to coincide with completion of work on the new Supersam, which is patron of the project. Taking part in the Rajza po Kato will be a wide range of renowned artists, including photographers, street artists, designers, experts on the history of Katowice, activists and the residents themselves. From Spring 2014, workshops, meetings, exhibitions, open-air exhibitions and urban activities will be held, the aim of which is to create a new visual map of Katowice, refresh the city’s image and revive the creative activity of its inhabitants. The culmination of this 2-year project will be a guidebook, edited by Adrian Chorębała.




In the years 2013 and 2014, Griffin Art Space was a patron of the Czułość Gallery. A rebel among galleries, the beloved enfant terrible of Warsaw’s mainstream and the most Varsovian gallery to promote new photography, it holds exhibitions showcasing sensitivity far from the prevailing trends and which are the result of seeking out what is most interesting and in vogue on the young international photography scene. In accordance with Czułość Gallery tradition, it also plays host to niche culture and is a recording studio for independent music publishers.


Wro Art Center


Griffin Art Space is the organiser of the RenomaWRO project and one of the main patron of the WRO International Biennale of Media Arts – Poland’s largest review of contemporary art.




Griffin Art Space is a patron of the IMKA Theatre – a theatre dedicated to an audience seeking more than mindless entertainment. IMKA is a great way to spend an evening – besides providing fun and laughter, it also showcases great literature which asks serious questions and provokes deep reflection. The trademark of all the productions staged at IMKA is the brilliance of the acting.



Griffin Art Space was a partner of Wroclove Design 2013 – the 1st International Festival of Good Design.



Griffin Art Space was a partner of the 3rd edition of Okno na Warszawę – A Window on Warsaw. The event was held at the Griffin Group’s Koszyki Market Hall.