Famous as Poland’s oldest shopping centre, Supersam is currently undergoing modernisation and will unveil its new look in Autumn 2015. Before then, the fencing surrounding the investment on Piotra Skargi will be transformed into the country’s largest open-air gallery, showing the history, traditions, architecture, art and everything that makes up Katowice’s contemporary identity. Exhibitions, workshops, meetings and campaigns are just some of the things going on in our Trip round Kato (Rajza po Kato).

Griffin Art Space Foundation to be the patron of Contemporary Lynx Magazine

6.01.2016 Archive Dom Słowa Polskiego Koszyki Market Hall Lubicz News Renoma Supersam

We are pleased to announce that the Griffin Art Space Foundation will continue to support Contemporary Lynx Magazine in 2016 – the first magazine devoted to Polish art abroad. The magazine is a unique, collectible object, presenting artists’ profiles and works from various domains of art – from painting, through design, photography to post-internet art.


The Trip Round Kato returns for the OFF Festival with a guidebook!

4.08.2015 News Supersam

The Trip Round Kato will be paying a second visit to the OFF Festival. This time the organisers invite everyone to take a walk with some amazing locals and… with an alternative guidebook to Katowice! “The Trip Round Kato is slowly coming to an end. We’ve had five stages, lots of meetings, workshops, exhibitions around Supersam and […]


Griffin Art Space Foundation dramatically expands its operations

17.03.2015 Koszyki Market Hall Lubicz News Renoma Supersam

The Metropolis exhibition and accompanying educational programme, the latest installment of the Trip Round Kato and collaboration at the 16th Biennale WRO are just some of the artistic initiatives involving the Griffin Art Space Foundation. Established by the Griffin Group to support and promote culture and art, the Foundation is dramatically expanding its operations this […]


A Trip Round Kato, Part Four: CULTURE, starting on Saturday, 7 March 2015!

2.03.2015 Supersam

Round Kato. On Saturday, the 138-m Gallery in Katowice will be putting on an open-air exhibition, during which visitors can learn more about the cultural events that have woven themselves into the city’s fabric. “The aim of the Trip Round Kato is to revive Katowice’s artistic soul and encourage locals to be creatively active. Step […]


Griffin Art Space Foundation is partner of the Project Metropolis exhibition

27.02.2015 Supersam

Project Metropolis is the largest exhibition of contemporary art devoted to Upper Silesia and the Dąbrowa Basin, and is the culmination of three years’ work by the young artists taking part. Starting on Friday, 27 February, the exhibition will be showing at the Silesian Museum in Katowice. This exhibition will launch a series of presentations to […]




Coming up, the third stage of the Trip Round Kato project initiated by Griffin Art Space. Come and meet Katowice residents over the weekend of 25 – 26 October! Following the first two stages devoted to the history and architecture of Katowice, we’re handing over the reins to the city’s residents – activists, journalists and […]


A Trip Round Kato, Part Two – ARCHITECTURE

22.07.2014 Supersam

Starting on August 1 in Katowice is the second stage of the “Rajza po Kato” (‘Trip Round Kato’) project initiated by Griffin Art Space. This time we’ll be taking a photographic tour of the city’s most important buildings. The action will start with a photographic exhibition on the fencing around the Supersam construction site at Piotra Skargi 6. […]



26/04/2014 Supersam

Rajza po Kato: 138 metres of art on a fence. The “Rajza po Kato” (Trip round Katowice) started its first leg in the form of an exhibition. The fence at Piotra Skargi 6 has become a gallery of approx 24 m in area showing a subjective view of the city’s history. The first event dates from 1846 with the coming […]