Midsummer with Maurycy Gomulicki!

Our favourite magazine “Contemporary Lynx”, in collaboration with the Leto Gallery and the Warsaw “Biała” restaurant, invites you this Saturday to another in the “Carte Blanche” series, a new experimental artistic program that gives artists the opportunity to show their works during special artistic events taking place in the avant-garde modernist Willa Biała. On Saturday it’s the turn of Maurycy Gomulicki’s neon works – highly recommended!

“Drawings and inscriptions made in colourful light have something perfect, ecstatic and intoxicating about them,” says Maurycy Gomulicki. “I think the term “magic” is highly appropriate, because neon has the power to transform the world around it. Any dingy old shack bathed in its glow immediately changes into a little corner of paradise, while provincial grey becomes the glory of the metropolis. This is, of course, only an illusion, but how appealing it is, how stylish and effective. At the same time, there’s a special kind of nobility in neon, a simplicity in all this debauchery that I just find amazingly attractive.”

June 23, 2018 10 pm
Former Willa Biała
ul. Francuska 2, Saska Kępa