RenomaWRO international art exhibition

RenomaWRO is the title of one of the exhibitions taking place at the Media Art Biennale WRO 2015. All the works will be shown at the Renoma Commercial Centre in Wroclaw. The slogan for this year’s Biennale is Test Exposure.

RenomaWRO was first held in 2013 as a collaborative project between the Griffin Art Space foundation and the WRO Art Center. As Anna Klimczak, executive director of Griffin Art Space Foundation explains, “Exhibiting work at the Renoma Commercial Centre is no easy task for young artists, and this year they have to contend with spaces such as a car park or skylit areas between floors. Starting on 13th May, four installations created by international artists along with a video by Wioletta Kamińska will be open for viewing. Our RenomaWRO joint project started just two years ago and has already proved extremely popular. I hope that we’ll get a repeat of that success this year.”

Four installations will be on display at Renoma:

Squint – Kenny Wong (HK)
A kinetic light installation made up of 51 mirrors which track and reflect light towards the faces of the viewers according to the patterns formed. Squint makes a variety of everyday experiences abstract and attempts to change the viewers’ perception of light. (entrance from Plac Czystego and the city moat)

Big Dipper – Michael Candy (AU)
A kinetic light sculpture created during a residency in India; its shape resembles a gigantic spider whereas the title is evocative of outer space. (skylight space between floors)

Treadmill – Vincent Voillat (FR)
The project was devised during a residency in Cairo. The installation is constructed of covers designed to protect cars. The covers alternately inflate and deflate to the noise of Cairo’s streets, as if they were breathing. (Renoma car park, 5th floor)

Niewygodny Komunikat (An Inconvenient Message) – Marcelo Zammenhoff (PL)
This work represents the hypocrisy of landowners and the disparities in the world, as told by Poland’s most famous television voiceover artists whose popularity in this country is phenomenal. The message is a simple one which condemns ubiquitous hypocrisy and a lack of harmony. It is the author’s cry for improving the world. (at the entrance to the Renoma car park)

During RenomaWRO the following screening is also planned:

Fog. And the Whole World Stops – Wioletta Kaminska (PL/US)
A visual exploration of the everyday environment, widely considered as predictable and mundane. An insight into a world where technology and culture interact more than ever before, which in turn affects our perception of time and our navigation through space.
(at the entrance to the Renoma car park)

The Renoma Commercial Centre is located on ul. Świdnicka and has a wide range of retail outlets. In collaboration with the Griffin Art Space Foundation it supports art and cultural events. In addition, shoppers can, on a daily basis, view the works of artists such as Monika Sosnowska, Karol Radziszewski and Maurycy Gomulicki, who are leading Polish contemporary artists. To find out more about the Renoma collection, visit:

Opening: 13th May 2015, 8 pm
Exhibition runs until 30th June 2015, during Renoma Commercial Centre opening hours
DH Renoma, ul. Świdnicka 40, Wroclaw