Something’s gone wrong

Griffin Art Space Foundation invites you to the opening of the graduating exhibition “Something’s gone wrong” by Maryna Sakowska. The opening will be held on 14 June at 7pm, at the Polonez Hall of Residence in Poznan. The exhibition will run until 19 June.

The experience of defeat when our hero dies and the screen shows GAME OVER. The moment we wake up on New Year’s Day with a terrible hangover, and all that remains of the previous night’s fun and games are fag ends stubbed out on the floor and the remnants of party poppers. The feeling you get when the merry-go-round turns out to have been cobbled together from papier-mâché and plywood. When your McDonald’s hamburger, which looked so juicy, firm and appetising in the photo is actually just a soggy sandwich tasting faintly of paper. That moment when you’re playing a computer game and you suddenly come up against an invisible obstacle that stops you going any further. When the computer freezes. When nothing is hiding behind the picture.

When translated into the language of painting, images from the virtual world gain substance and stability. The archaic medium imbues them with greater significance. In return, however, do they not lose their power over the viewer? When the image has been captured and immobilized on the surface of the canvas, do we finally gain what, in the case of computer games, is still only a promise – control over representation?

Perhaps this no longer matters, however. A painting is only a little more tangible than a game. It is neither a part of reality nor a real object, nor is it an immersive illusion. In all likelihood paintings, in common with virtual simulations, conceal the fact that all atoms are empty inside. Disappointment.

Maryna Sakowska Something’s gone wrong



Polonez Hall of Residence, Al. Niepodległości 36, Poznan
opening: 14 June, 7pm
exhibition open from: 15-19 June 2017, 11am – 6pm upon prior telephone appointment (tel. 883 132 323)
admission free

organised by: Griffin Art Space Foundation
partner: Echo Investment, University of the Arts, Poznan