The Nobody Club

As part of the a secular tradition, the Nobody Club, extends a warm invitation to its annual talent review. If you can’t do anything, then this event will be right up your street, but if you can do something, so much the better (or worse). Let’s all laugh at ourselves together, and strengthen our joint bonds of incompetence.

Who are we looking for? We’re looking for you! They tell you you’re stupid, ugly, too old or too young, short, this, that or the other. You always got a B in maths but were the last one to get picked in PE? Turn it to your advantage! This is your moment to shine. We’re looking for you, oh useless one, come and show yourself and join our club of hopelessness. As part of the attractions, we guarantee the company of other losers, music and a raffle. All participants will get an unattractive gift, so come along!

The Nobody Club is a fictional social club created out of a need for space in a world that’s hostile to passive attitudes. It was created for everyone who has no hope. For everyone tired of the permanent race for success. This egalitarian club has nothing decent to offer its members. We offer nothing in our community; we don’t try, and we don’t judge anyone. “We’re passive, poor, unlike anyone and totally surplus to requirements,” say satisfied club members. “It’s all of you and all of us that the system doesn’t exclude. Don’t fight it! Join our mutual approval community today. Discover you inborn uselessness.”

DWA ZETA (Karolina Zajączkowska & Zbiok Czajkowski)

The (no) talent review will be held as part of Zbiok’s No man is an Island exhibition.
25.08.2018 (Saturday) from 19:00 to late
at Dom Słowa Polskiego, ul. Miedziana 11, Warsaw