The Trip Round Kato returns for the OFF Festival with a guidebook!

The Trip Round Kato will be paying a second visit to the OFF Festival. This time the organisers invite everyone to take a walk with some amazing locals and… with an alternative guidebook to Katowice!

“The Trip Round Kato is slowly coming to an end. We’ve had five stages, lots of meetings, workshops, exhibitions around Supersam and urban projects involving artists, local activists and residents. It’s been a time for sharing creative energies, and a time for a common search for the answer to the question of what modern-day Katowice is really like. After nearly two years we can now invite you all to discover your city anew with the Trip Round Kato guidebook in your hand,” enthuses Anna Klimczak, Executive Director of Griffin Art Space, the project organiser.

It has 280 pages, presents the new face of Katowice and is hot off the press! The Trip Round Kato is not your everyday guidebook; it’s an alternative vision of Katowice which engages readers and encourages them to get to know the city. As the introduction to the book states, “Probably in no other Polish city is history mixed in with the modern world, does tradition play an important part in everyday life and does the landscape undergo such rapid and dynamic changes. Despite its relatively short 150-year history, Katowice has generated its own original style, whose main feature is a respect for what’s local combined with an openness to anything new and unknown.”

To understand contemporary Katowice, the project authors delved into the city’s history and highlighted the events which influenced its development and current identity. They also examined the architecture, not only famous and well-loved structures but also neglected and forgotten buildings. They asked questions about the city and its uniqueness to the residents – locals who’ have found their niche in Katowice. “So this is how we made up a subjective list of places to visit and events worth taking part in. We went round neighbourhoods looking for ideas for our trip, and for city tours. We chose ten Silesian words whose meanings and connotations we thought people should know. Finally, we’ve put it all together and put it out in the form of a guidebook. Now we just want the readers to get their hands on it,” says Hanna Kostrzewska, co-editor.

The guidebook premiere will be on Friday 7 August at 4 pm at the Literary Cafe during the OFF Festival. Discussing Kato will be Paweł Jaworski, Ryszard Nakonieczny and Dominik Tokarski. At the weekend, there will be city tours led by local experts, architect Tomasz Konior and photographer Przemek Jendroska. All those who join in the walks will be able to buy the guide at a special promotional price from the Trip Round Kato stall at the OFF market.

Trip Round Kato OFF programme:

7.08 (Friday), 4 pm
We’ve got it! Premiere of the Trip Round Kato guidebook
(Literary Cafe, OFF Festival)
Taking part: Paweł Jaworski, Ryszard Nakonieczny, Dominik Tokarski
Moderator: Michał Nogaś

8.08 (Saturday), 12 pm
A rendez-vous with places
Tomasz Konior will be discussing the Culture Zone, designing and life in the city on a walk round town
(meeting point at the Spodek on the MCK side, al. Korfantego 36, no charge)

Tomasz Konior – architect and urban planner who has run his own practice, Konior Studio, since 1995; he has worked on many projects in Katowice, including the Symphony Centre for Science and Music Education, the NOSPR National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra headquarters and the new Supersam building (opening in Autumn 2015).

9.08 (Sunday), 12 pm
A Trip to Nikisz
A photographic walk led by Przemek Jendroska
(meeting point pl. Wyzwolenia 4, façade with roses, no charge)

Przemek Jendroska – a graduate of the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź, photographer, a long-time collaborator of the Gazetą Wyborczą, co-founder of the Natechwile photographic group with which he has exhibited dozens of times both in Poland and abroad, winner of the First Prize at the 2006 BZ WBK Press Photo competition in the Society category.