In 2012, Griffin Art Space established itself in Warsaw with an exhibition entitled Alphaville. The exhibition was held at the historic Koszyki Market Hall, which since then has become associated with a wide range of cultural events, including serving as base for the Czułość Gallery. In 2015, Griffin Art Space Foundation also launched artistic activities and cooperation with art institutions at the former Dom Słowa Polskiego Printing House.

June Crespo and Piotr Janas – Internal view

20.09.2018 Dom Słowa Polskiego News

Entitled Internal view, it compiles the work of two artists from different generations – the Spanish sculptor June Crespo (born in 1983) and the Polish painter Piotr Janas (born in 1970). The exhibition will be featuring the latest works by both artists. The starting point for Crespo’s series of sculptural works made during a residency in Eindhoven […]


The Nobody Club

24.08.2018 Dom Słowa Polskiego News

As part of the a secular tradition, the Nobody Club, extends a warm invitation to its annual talent review. If you can’t do anything, then this event will be right up your street, but if you can do something, so much the better (or worse). Let’s all laugh at ourselves together, and strengthen our joint bonds of incompetence. Who […]


Zbiok: “No man is an Island”

13.07.2018 Dom Słowa Polskiego News

Zbiok: “No man is an Island” – new exhibition at the Dom Słowa Polskiego. Sławek Czajkowski (otherwise known as Zbiok), the cult street artist, will be showing his latest works in the industrial spaces of the Dom Słowa Polskiego! His exhibition, “No man is an Island” came about as part of an artistic project, the […]


Midsummer with Maurycy Gomulicki!

23.06.2018 Dom Słowa Polskiego Koszyki Market Hall News

Our favourite magazine “Contemporary Lynx”, in collaboration with the Leto Gallery and the Warsaw “Biała” restaurant, invites you this Saturday to another in the “Carte Blanche” series, a new experimental artistic program that gives artists the opportunity to show their works during special artistic events taking place in the avant-garde modernist Willa Biała. On Saturday it’s […]


New Media Night

16.05.2018 Koszyki Market Hall News

New Media Night – a large-scale mapping show that will be part of Museum Night 2018 at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology “We’re counting down the days to the start of the eighth Museum Night at the PJAIT,” says Filip Ostojski, event curator. “For one night only, the front wall of the main PJATK building […]


We’re getting creative down at the Dom Słowa Polskiego

10.04.2018 Dom Słowa Polskiego News

This time down at the DSP on ulica Miedzianej 11 in Warsaw, it’s not an exhibition that we’re doing but the making of a work for one! Grzegorz Stefański, an artist whose works oscillate between photography and film, has made his latest work in a space at the Dom Słowa Polskiego. His multichannel video installation, created for […]


An exciting end to the year

13.12.2017 Dom Słowa Polskiego News

2017 has been a breakthrough year. The end of August 2017 saw the founding of Art&Innovation Space Foundation through cooperation between Griffin Real Estate and Echo Investment. The new foundation will be working on two parallel programmes, the first artistic, focused around visual arts, and which is still operating under the name Griffin Art Space, and […]


Things in Shapes of Things

23.09.2017 Dom Słowa Polskiego News

„Rzeczy w kształtach rzeczy” / ‘Things in Shapes of Things’ Mathis Altmann, Wojciech Bąkowski, Will Benedict, Tobias Spichtig curator: Michał Lasota The exhibition ‘Things in Shapes of Things’ consists of medially diverse works by Polish, Swiss and American artists. The synesthetic atmosphere of the exhibition is built from varied means of expression – from drawing, through […]


beyond the seven

18.09.2017 Dom Słowa Polskiego News

From September 20th to October 4th the main hall of the Dom Słowa Polskiego, Printing House will turn into an exhibition space, hosting the show beyond the seven. The WRO Art Center, organizers of the WRO Media Art Biennale, prepared the exhibition on the invitation of ECHO Investment, the current owners of the DSP. This […]



29.06.2017 Koszyki Market Hall News

17th WRO Media Art Biennale 2017: Draft Systems If you missed the exhibition and events at this year’s WRO Biennale, Poland’s largest biannual international review of contemporary art, never fear! You still have the chance to see over a dozen of the installations shown at the Biennale, at the CAMOUFLAGE exhibition in Koszyki Hall in Warsaw, […]


Eternal Lunch

5.06.2017 Dom Słowa Polskiego News

Griffin Art Space invites you to the opening of an exhibition entitled Wieczny Lunch (Eternal Lunch). The opening will be held on 10 June at 6pm in the Dom Słowa Polskiego former printing house in Warsaw, and will run until 24 June. In the artists’ words: The “eternal lunch” is an amalgam of abstract forms […]


Video Killed The TV Star?

12.01.2017 Dom Słowa Polskiego News

Tuesday 10 December sees the opening of Video Killed The TV Star? at the Dom Słowa Polskiego. The exhibition will be showcasing the works of some of the forefathers of video art, including members of the legendary Film Form Studio. Organiser of the exhibition is Arton Foundation and patron is Griffin Art Space Foundation.


moths, crabs, fluids

14.10.2016 Koszyki Market Hall News

Starting Saturday, 22 October, visitors to the newly opened and refurbished Koszyki Hall will be able to see moths, crabs, fluids, an exhibition put up to celebrate the reopening of the Hall by the WRO Art Center at the invitation of the Griffin Art Space. Two kinetic installations, both main Award-winners of the WRO Media […]


Disappointment Island

23.09.2016 Dom Słowa Polskiego News

Griffin Art Space Foundation in conjunction with Stereo Gallery invite you to the opening of the exhibition “Disappointment Island”, the inaugurating event at the Foundation’s new exhibition space. The exhibition will be accompanying Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2016.



6.09.2016 Dom Słowa Polskiego News

Anna Grzelewska and Zuza Krajewska take portraits. Sometimes these are figures appearing in the title pages of newspapers, other times – anonymous people – the members of their own families or accidentally met strangers who look intriguing.  They often work with commercial photography and create portraits that express the social standing, the job and character […]


Poppy: Trails of Afghan Heroin

12.04.2016 Dom Słowa Polskiego News

The Griffin Art Space Foundation and the Foundation for Visual Arts warmly invite you to the former Dom Słowa Polskiego in Warsaw for the Poppy: Trails of Afghan Heroin exhibition by Robert Knoth and Antoinette de Jong. The opening will take place on April 23. This presentation is a teaser for the 14th edition of Krakow […]


Griffin Art Space Foundation to be the patron of Contemporary Lynx Magazine

6.01.2016 Archive Dom Słowa Polskiego Koszyki Market Hall Lubicz News Renoma Supersam

We are pleased to announce that the Griffin Art Space Foundation will continue to support Contemporary Lynx Magazine in 2016 – the first magazine devoted to Polish art abroad. The magazine is a unique, collectible object, presenting artists’ profiles and works from various domains of art – from painting, through design, photography to post-internet art.


Griffin Art Space Foundation has a busy May

17.05.2015 Koszyki Market Hall Lubicz News Renoma

The WRO Biennale in Wroclaw, Krakow Photomonth and a 4 for Beckett concert at the TR Warsaw: all projects the Griffin Art Space Foundation is committed to in order to support new talent. The foundation is main patron of the Biennale and organiser of the RenomaWRO exhibition which will be taking place in the Renoma Commercial […]


Griffin Art Space Foundation dramatically expands its operations

17.03.2015 Koszyki Market Hall Lubicz News Renoma Supersam

The Metropolis exhibition and accompanying educational programme, the latest installment of the Trip Round Kato and collaboration at the 16th Biennale WRO are just some of the artistic initiatives involving the Griffin Art Space Foundation. Established by the Griffin Group to support and promote culture and art, the Foundation is dramatically expanding its operations this […]


Czułość at Widok under the patronage of Griffin Art Space.

Koszyki Market Hall

The Czułość Photo Gallery in Warsaw is moving to a temporary location at ul. Widok 5/7/9. As part of this venture, patron of which is Griffin Art Space, the gallery will be putting on three exhibitions: a second individual exhibition by Janek Zamoyski, founder of the Czułość Gallery, a group exhibition of Ukrainian artists and an individual exhibition […]



25/05/2013 — 06/07/2013 Koszyki Market Hall

NAMPEI AKAKI GO UP GET TOGETHER I met Akaki Nampei in December 2012, during the opening of the Czułość exhibition in Tokyo. He was a member of the informal art collective by whom we were invited. Amongst its members were Yabe Tadashi, the legendary founder of the U.F.O.; Yugo Saso, an actor, filmmaker and self-published book […]



28/09/2012 — 31/12/2012 Koszyki Market Hall

Lenny Caution, in the guise of a detective, lands in a futuristic city ruled over by an electron brain – this is the opening scene of Jean-Luc Godard’s “Alphaville”, one of the best-known classics of the French New Wave. The film exhibits yet another cinematic dystopia: a story of a totalitar-ian world in which culture has lost the battle […]